About Us

Farm fieldsThe Amish community of Lancaster County is unique. Its members work hard and have strong values. Values that remain as strong today as when they were created generations ago.

Our market of Amish products reflects many of these values. Made by the hands of these people, each product we sell is created with care and attention to detail.

In recent years work in the Lancaster county Amish community has changed. Cabinetry, quilting and making things during quite winter months has grown into full time business for many Amish families. Where a family once tended to a farm, many now gather in the very same barns once used for farming to manufacture products.

Our market is an extension of the community. We work with Amish families and friends to share the fruits of their labors with you.

There is much more to what we sell and our goal is to share that with you. As you shop on our website, please take time to explore the stories behind what is being sold and enjoy.

Aaron, Rudy, Elena and Amanda