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Airplane - Harvest
Info Enjoy playing with old fashion wooden toys.  Quality wood toys to stimulate the imagination...
Airplane Small- Harvest
Info A smaller version of the same quality old fashion wood toys.  Watch your child...
Block Roller Maple/Walnut
Info Help build your child's motor skills with this hand made classic. Made from select Maple...
Bulldozer - Harvest
Info A timeless old fashioned toy can be used in  the sand box.  Stimulate your child's imagination with...
Car - Harvest
Info A classic hand made Amish toy. This Car in Harvest is solidly constructed from...
Clakity Horse Toy - Harvest
Info Great toy for visual stimulation as you hear the calming sound of the clakity...
Folklift with skid Harvest
Info Old fashioned toy can be used in  the sand box.  Help stimulate your child's imagination...
Helicopter small Harvest
Info A toy for the ages. This absolute beauty is handmade by an Amish toymaker....
Horse & Buggy - Black/Grey
Info Amish horse and buggy  (Black & Grey) - The true transportation of the Amish.  Bring the...
Pull toy Boat Harvest
Info Timeless old fashion pull toy, that glides on wheels when pulled.  Made by the...
Pull toy Dog Harvest
Info Time to take your dog for a walk. This timeless old fashion pull toy, that...
Pull toy grasshopper Harvest
Info A favorite, this grasshopper has moving parts when pulled and it glides on wheels....