My life with Amish and what inspired Sadie Stories

I am English and 54 years old. As far back as I can remember, we immersed ourselves among the Amish in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. My Father developed a most unusual friendship with an Old Order Amish Bishop which led to connections with dear friends that my own family enjoys today.

As a father, husband and general all around good guy, it's hard to fathom how much our Amish friends have influenced our lives. Celebrating a power outage, for example, reminds us all that we learned long ago to enjoy life without electric. Watching each day begin with care for our goats, chickens in a New York City suburb fulfills a childhood dream that began on an Amish farm.

So last spring, when an Amish friend and I were thinking about middle age and what to do, we both realized we had the same mid life issues facing us. This was the start of Sadie's Country Store.

Our passion and desire to share the wealth of riches that lie within the Lancaster County community gave us the reason why we would start this business. 

Sharing the wealth through selling the best of Amish hand made products goes only part way in sharing the wealth. To really do the job, I felt compelled to share the past and present experiences of my life with the Amish. The experiences that gave me an outlook on life, an outlook on life we can all appreciate and learn from.