Many hands make light work aptly describes one quality of an Amish community. It is common to see folks arriving from far and wide to support a person or family in need. As giving people, the Amish share a wealth of knowledge, culture and good will within their community. Let it be known, while Amish maintain their own identity, when it comes to giving there are no boundaries.

Take a Mud Sale for example, each spring a local fire department (run by Amish and English) puts together and enormous gathering to raise money to support the local fire and rescue department. A sale can attract tens of thousands of guests, who are fed and sold many thousands of items at auctions run mostly by the Amish.

A familiar and less common community event is a barn raising. While less common in recent times, a barn raising was a cause for the community to gather and build. Men, women and children would arrive early in a day to build a barn. Often done for a newly wed couple or a family who had the misfortune of a fire, an Amish barn raising was work, play and a celebration all built into one day.

Today that spirit lives on within the Amish business world. Families work together in a tight knit world to support each other in making things. From quilts to furniture and beyond, today's Amish are industrious. As with farming, they now come together in making things, often in barns and buildings on the farm. Once again, the community shares in the labors of crafting items for sale. People, once on hand to help on a farm are now occupied as woodworkers, quilters, painters and more.

The beauty of the Amish community however remains in it's spirit of hard work and giving. Where one helps another without question all are blessed.