The curtain rises, and the show must go on...

Spring Rush

Mules ready to work

It begins well before the snow melts. The ground is frozen and the animals are resting up in the barns. Daylight is scarce, and the air is cold and dry. Yet, there begins the spring rush, a time when farmers live off adrenaline and sheer willpower.

I caught up with spring late this season, lulled by cold, wet weather and lingering snow cover. 

Yet soon enough, I found myself in the midst of spreading the "poo" on the barren farm land. Sure enough, a short walk from the dairy barn up to the manure pit, showed me that the time was now to spread the "wealth," and make the fields fertile and ready for the crops.

And as the manure flew off the carriage, spring began on the Amish farm.

Within the blink of an eye, it was time for the first cutting of alpha all 14 acres of it, and along with that calf's beckoning to be fed as their mothers blessed us with their milk - the day's work grew way beyond 4 am to 9 pm.

Yes, that is the essence of the spring rush, it is doing things from the 4 am milking to when darkness settles in around 9 pm. Each moment follows a carefully orchestrated plan, made over the dark winter months. 

The curtain has risen, the show now must go on... a time of excitement and a pure spring rush.