Big Sadie... Little Sadie

A family is very important to the Amish people. From birth to death, the Amish surround themselves with large families. They take care of each other and assist family members at all stages of life.

Last week, during my lesson on how to dress a chicken, I was privileged
to witness the simple beauty of an Amish grandmother teaching her grand daughter.

I began to notice as we were running around trying to catch a rooster a slight shadow always near Sadie. Quite, shy and not yet 6 years old, there was "little Sadie" following "big Sadie's" every move.

We went on with our work (I was getting a lesson on how to dress a chicken). Through it all, I could see a child's eyes peeking out from behind her grandmother. Little Sadie was watching intently as we prepared a chicken for dinner. Clearly, she was learning and I had no doubt that in years to come "little Sadie" would surely be able to handle this task herself.

Children are impressionable, and the Amish know this well. They surround their kids with love and positive experiences. As we worked I saw signs of a silent dialogue between big and little Sadie. Quick hugs, a gentle pat on the shoulder or a knowing smile confirmed this. The sparkle in big Sadie's eye captured her total love and devotion to her little Sadie.

I left realizing how valuable this experience was for both little and big Sadie. Each was given to the other what they needed.