A Toolbox

Saturday 6 am April 14 - Rawlinsville mudsale, I saw this toolbox on the back of a hay wagon. The rising sun just kissing the edges drew in my imagination. As I approached it, images of it's owner filled my mind.

The tools were left inside, exactly where he put them after completing a job. Peering into the toolbox, there sat a ruler. A bit worn from many years of use. You can see many pencil marks and chips he used to mark measurements.

One could also see this was a real working toolbox, by how he stowed the tools and what tools he carried along inside the box. Overall, this weighs about 20 pounds and has limited space for storage. So it was clear he carried only the essential tools for his craft.

A number 4 bench wood plane, chisels, a draw knife, mallet and ruler suggests that this was some kind of carpenter. Each of the tools were well worn from years of use, so I could imagine he was a busy carpenter if not a good one. 

For fun I ran my finger nail across the blade of his wood plane only to see it was razor sharp. One more sign that this guy was probably at the top of his game. Most of the good craftsman kept their tools clean and sharp.

Surrounded by farmers and Amish men, it was easy for me to go really far into imagining anyone of them picking up the toolbox and heading to work. Perhaps off to fixing a buggy or fixing a birdhouse. It is a blessing to be able to feel a lifetime's work in a simple object like this.